Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have to admit that Scented Jar Candles are among my favorite type of candles. I love the fact that these candles travel anywhere – to hotel rooms, to vacation homes, to guest rooms. Anywhere I travel, I can add instant scent and coziness in the amount of time it takes to light a match. The fact that the candles are in jars helps to keep the fragrance contained and therefore all the more powerful when the candles are lit. Plus, the handy jars can be used for many practical things once the candle is burnt out. In my estimation, scented jar candles are simply the best value for my money.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Encased in a gleaming glass lidded jar, this boutique-style candle is a decorator's delight! Long-lasting and highly fragranced, this attractive ivory candle enlivens a room with the sweet scent of nature and a dash of color. An elegantly uncomplicated enhancement that's appropriate most anywhere! Comforting French Vanilla fragrance. Paraffin wax; glass container. 3 1/2" diameter x 6" high.


Scented Candles are great stress reducers. They put u in a relaxed state of mind in case u had a hard day at work or your children are working on your nerves. You can just sit back light a few scented candles enjoy a nice bath or just have some me time.


Scented Jar Candles are great for setting the mood on a romantic evening. Sometimes you might be at a lost for words from the scented candle aroma but its fine just let the candles do the talking for you. I recently discovered a book that tells you how to make Scented Candles feel free to check it out Click Here!